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You need to apply code in account management.

If you dont know how to do it then check Codes manual


 In-Game Instructions:

 • Log in to Ultima Online with the character you'd like to use the token on.

 • Open your paperdoll (or character window) and click on the Help button.

 • Click the Promotional Code button at the bottom of the Help window.

 • Enter your Code exactly as it appeared when it was emailed to you.


you will receive the following items: 

• 3 new lamps 

• 2 new Ornate Tables 

• 1 new bookcase 

• 1 new Bell 

• 4 types of sponges – the Barrel sponge will give you 5 random potions a day 

• 5 new pictures – the Burning Man picture will give a .1 sot a week and the Sailing Ship will give 50 Power Charges a week 

• 2 new tapestries 

• 2 new poster beds 


After you have entered the code in the account management page you will have the ability to craft the following items in game. 

• 2 new large tables 

• 2 new shelves 

• 1 small bell 

• 2 new couches and love seats 

• 2 new lamps 

• 1 new tapestry 

• 2 decoration only instruments 

Check for more items in Codes