Level 2

Chests have a chance to contain the following loot items based on level, package, and facet,

    Gold & Gems in special gold & gem bags (all packages, all levels)
    Minor artifacts, Pub 67 Artifacts (All packages, Supply)
    Randomly Generated Equipment
    The types of equipment are based on the package and facet which corresponds to the profession who might use the equipment and the facet based on when the item was released in the game. For example, if you are looking for a dagger you may look at Assassin maps in Trammel or if you are after a Repeating Crossbow you would look at Ranger maps in Malas. The quantity of items available is based on the level of chest, there is a chance for additional items based on party size. (all packages)
    Scrolls of Transcendence, Skill & value based on package and facet (All packages, stash, hoard and trove)
    Scrolls of Alacrity, Skill is based on package and facet (All packages, supply and above)
    Treasure Maps one level higher than the current level of map (All packages, up to Hoard)
    Legacy & New Decorative Items based on package and facet (All packages, Cache and above)
    Refinements (Artisan Stash)
    Legacy Recipe Scrolls (Artisan Supply & Cache)
    Crafting Materials, Wood, Metal, or Leather (Artisan Stash & Supply)
    Special Crafting Materials, Essences, Mondain’s Legacy Ingredients available based on facet, (Artisan, Supply)
    Legacy & New Utility Items based on package (Assassin, Artisan, and Ranger Supply)
    Reagents in a special reagent bag. Type based on facet. (Mage Stash)
    Powerscrolls, Skill is based on package and level is based on chest quality up to +10 (Felucca Only, All packages except Artisan,  Cache, Hoard and Trove)

Check for more items in Treasure Maps