Part of an Armor Set (4 Pieces)
Berserk 1
Physical Resist 22%
Fire Resist 64%
Cold Resist 39%
Poison Resist 24%
Energy Resist 24%
Durability 125/125

Only When Full Set Is Present: Berserk 5 (total)

human or gargoyle versions available

While wearing the Bestial Set, if your health drops below half, "You enter a berserk rage!"

When you are in a rage, you take less damage from spells and weapons: "In your rage you shrug off 10 points of damage." Also, the rage seems to continue as long as you have incoming damage, or else it will time out over a period of 10 seconds of not being damaged.

    Your Berserk "Level" will increase/decrease the amount of dmg you ignore as well as the amount of healing that is blocked by being berserked.

    The Bestial pieces can have 5 ADDITIONAL Mods imbued on it for a total of 450 imbuing intensity.

    The pieces cannot be enhanced with special materials.

It is blocking up to 28 points of dmg when berserked at a high level of RAGE...

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