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This token will allow you to get Soulstone in Ultima Online.


Soulstone F.A.Q.

How can I use a Soulstone?

If you have a character that you want to be a pure warrior, but he has a bunch of Magery skill points, you can move those Magery skill points to another character you own.


Or, if you have a character you’d like be a blacksmith one day and a warrior the next, store your blacksmith skill points in one Soulstone and your swordsmanship skill points in another Soulstone. Change your character back and forth when you wish. (Except during battle. Soulstones cannot be used during battle.)


Can I give a Soulstone to a friend?

No. Soulstones are account specific. You can pass your Soulstones from one character you own to another, but you cannot give one to a friend.


Can Soulstones be used during battle?

No. You will not be able to use them in the middle of a fight.


Can I use a Soulstone to move skill points from one skill to another?

No. The skill points you store in a Soulstone cannot be transferred to another skill. For instance, you can’t turn Blacksmith skill points into Swordsmanship.


Can I accumulate more skill points in one character by combining the skill points with another character?

No. If you have 50 Swordsmanship on Character A and 40 Swordsmanship on character B, you CANNOT combine those points to get 90 in Swordsmanship on one character. If you move the points from Character A to Character B, he will end up with 50 Swordsmanship skill points, erasing the 40 skill points that were there before.


Can I have more than one Soulstone per account?


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