This item is delivered for free to any shard

A Character Transfer Token lets you move one Ultima Online character with his or hers items* to a new home shard. (NOTE: This Character Transfer Program does not include Siege Perilous and Mugen. You cannot transfer to or from those shards.)


The Character Transfer token will be given to you ingame after payment is recieved.


How do I use the Character Transfer token?

The token is extremely easy to use, but there are some details you need to know in order to ensure a safe transfer.

Can I transfer to any shard?

Yes, except for Siege Perilous and Mugen. 

Why would I want to change shards?

Some reasons players would change shards include: 
1. To meet up with friends who are playing on another shard.
2. To move to a shard with a more beneficial economy.
3. To meet new friends and take part in a new community.

Does my character have to be a certain age before transferring?

Yes. Characters with "Young" status cannot be transferred. (If you wish to transfer this character to another shard, remove your young status by saying "I renounce my young player status" and begin again.)

What property can transfer?
Your character, including: 
Appearance (skin, hair, facial hair) 
Stat & skill points
Reputation (Fame, Karma, murder counts)
Virtue points and Virtue title
Any custom title your character may have (such as those awarded during some past OSI events)
All the "monster points" your character has accumulated by participating in champion spawns, as well as any special champion spawn title your character has achieved.
The current status of any quest in which your character has been participating.
Everything your character has equipped (both wearing and holding)*
Your character’s backpack*
Your character’s bank box*
All of your character’s stabled pets (Note: If you cannot control a stabled pet, it will transfer to the destination shard but cannot be removed from the stables until your character has the appropriate control slots available.)
All your character’s pets that are within the immediate vicinity, and their associated contents* (Note: Temporary "followers," such as hirelings, escorts, and animated dead, will not be transferred)
* This includes most of the equipment and items, including (but not limited to): 
Scrolls of Power 
Bulk Order Deeds and Bulk Order Deed Books 
Faction silver and items 
Veteran rewards and gift items (including holiday gifts, Personal Bless Deeds, etc.) 
What doesn’t transfer? 
Houses, their secured items, their vendors, and their barkeeps will not be transferred to the new shard. 
Note 1: The house will remain in its current state on its original shard, and your account will remain its owner. As with normal housing rules, you can acquire another house on the new shard, but please remember that acquisition of this new house will condemn the original house. 
If you are listed on a house’s Co-owner or Friends list, you will be removed from it 
All legacy "house deeds" will be converted into house placement tools. 
You cannot transfer your character if it is currently in a party. 
If your character is part of a guild, it will be removed from that guild, even if you are the guild master. (You can join or start a new guild as normal after the transfer to the destination shard) 
If your character is in a Faction, it will be removed from that Faction, even if a Faction officer. (You can join a Faction as normal after transferred to the destination shard) 
You cannot transfer your character if it is in possession of a Town Sigil. 
Companion and Volunteer status (the latter applicable only to our Asian region, which still maintains Volunteers) 
Bracelets of Binding and Balls of Pet Summoning will have their links cleared upon transfer to the new shard. They will not be automatically re-linked upon transfer to the destination shard; you will have to re-link them yourself after the transfer is complete. 
Bulletin Boards will have all of their current messages deleted (but can continue to be used as normal on the destination shard). 
You will have to recreate any custom game macros for that character after the transfer to the new shard.

price: $15.99

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