A Horn of Plenty is a gift item given as part of the Thanksgiving 2012. They come in left- or right-facing varieties (may also be turned with a House Deco Tool) and regain one charge per real-world day during November up to 10 charges.

You can now obtain one from The Huntmaster’s Challenge since Publish 88.

Double-clicking a Horn of Plenty uses a charge and yields a random item or action:

    Sweet Potato Pie Sweet potato pie
        6 Slices of Pie Slice of pie
    Mashed Sweet Potatoes Mashed sweet potatoes
    Basket of Rolls Basket of rolls
        13 Dinner Rolls Dinner roll
    Turkey Platter Turkey platter
        Turkey Dinner Turkey dinner
        Roast Duck, Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken Cooked bird
        Turkey Leg Chicken leg
        Giblet Gravy Giblet gravy
    A tameable Turkey - "That one's not cooked!"
        It might spawn with the name Mister Gobbles - "*gobble* *gobble*"
        This effect does not use any charges.
    Sleep for ten seconds - "*ZzzzZzzzZzzzZ*"
        This effect does not use any charges.

Added in Publish 84:

    A Deed to a Rotating Pig on a Spit house addon.
        The BBQ pit under the rotating pig can be used as a fire source for cooking.
        Once per day you can double click the pig to receive either, a platter of pulled pork, or a pulled pork sandwich.

Added in Publish 88:

    A Coffee Plant
        it grows over 4 days and contains coffee pods to be used in cooking.

Added in Publish 95:

    A Deed to a Buffet Table house addon.
    A Deed to a Formal Dining Table house addon.

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