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1: You need to apply code in account management.

If you dont know how to do it then check Codes manual


2: You need to apply code ingame

 • Log in to Ultima Online with the character you'd like to get items on on.

 • Open your paperdoll (or character window) and click on the Help button.

 • Click Ultima Store.

 • Click the Promotional Code button.

 • Enter your Code exactly as it appeared when it was emailed to you.


You will receive the following items: 

Dragon Lantern Lamp

Tall Lamp

Barrel Sponge - (Will generate random Specialty Potions 35/week)

Alchemist Bookcase

Fire Painting - (Will generate a random .1 Scrolls of Transcendence once per week)

Ship Painting - (Will generate Large Powder Charges 42/week)

Horse Painting

Castle Painting

Cactus Sponge

Shelf Sponge

Fluffy Sponge

Koi Lamp

Bird Lamp

Bull Tapestry

Monastery Bell (Plays a sound when double clicked)

Embroidered Tapestry

15th Anniversary Lithograph

Marble Table

Golden Table

Ornate Bed

Four Post Bed


After you have entered the code in the account management page you will have the ability to craft the following items in game. 

Carpentry Craftable Items

Plain Wooden Shelf

Fancy Wood Shelf

Fancy Loveseat

Fancy Couch

Plush Loveseat

Plant Tapestry

Metal Table

Long Metal Table

Wooden table

Long Wooden Table

Cello (Plays a sound when double clicked)

Wall Mounted Bell (plays a sound when double clicked)

Trumpet (plays a sound when double clicked)

Cowbell (plays a sound when double clicked)

Tinkering Craftable Items

Dragon Lamp

Stained Glass Lamp

Tall Double Lamp

Check for more items in Codes