Included Items


Cuffs of the Archmage

Dr. Spector's Lenses

Pendant Of The Magi

Protector Of The Battle Mage

Enchanted Kelp Woven Leggings



Wizard's Curio

Compassion's Eye



Hawkwind's Robe

Jumu's Sacred Hide

Mark of the Destroyer

Spell Focusing Sash

Anon's Boots


Hook’s Shield

Spellbook - 45% SDI [Invasion 2020 Event]


Additional items THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED

Spellbooks - Super Slayer (x2 Damage)

Spellbooks - Slayer (x3 Damage)

Yukio's Glass Earrings

Yukio's Glass Earrings



Physical Resist 55 (70 with Reactive Armor Spell)

Fire Resist 70 (70 with Reactive Armor Spell)

Cold Resist 70 (~67 with Reactive Armor Spell)

Poison Resist 70 (70 with Reactive Armor Spell)

Energy Resist 70 (70 with Reactive Armor Spell)

Spell Damage Increase 113% (173% with spellbook and earrings)

Faster Casting 2 (without spellbook)

Faster Casting Recovery 4 (without spellbook)

Defense Chance Increase 30%

Strength Bonus 0

Dexterity Bonus 0

Intelligence Bonus 28

Hit Point Increase 20

Stamina Increase 0

Mana Increase 31

Hit Point Regeneration 2

Stamina Regeneration 0

Mana Regeneration 30

Casting Focus 7%

Lower Mana Cost 40%

Lower Reagent Cost 100%

Durability 255/255


Recommended Template (Mythic Character Token)

Stats (without equipment)

Strength 90 (115 with An Ultimate Scroll Of Power)

Dexterity 10

Intelligence 125

Recommended Buffs

Reactive Armor


120 Magery

120 Evaluate Intelligence

120 Meditation

120 Focus

120 Mysticism

120 Spellweaving

price: $79.99

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