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Gorget (Brittle)

Chest (Brittle)

Arms (Brittle)

Gloves (Brittle)

Leggings (Brittle)

all parts leather or mage armor

Stats on Armor (without additional equipment)

Physical Resist 70

Fire Resist 70

Cold Resist 70

Poison Resist 70

Energy Resist 70

Hit Point Regeneration 14

Mana Regeneration 20

Lower Mana Cost 40%

Lower Reagent Cost 90%

Intelligence Bonus 4+

Mana Increase 16+

Durability 255/255


Recommended Additional items THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED

Recommended Jewelry

Caster Ring FC FCR SDI DCI

Caster Bracelet FC FCR SDI DCI

Wizard's Curio

Recommended Equipment

Wizard's Crystal Reading Glasses


Epaulette Bearing The Crest Of Blackthorn (Luck)

Jumu's Sacred Hide

Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard

Mythical Detective Of The Royal Guard [Replica]

Recommended Weapons

Balakai's Shaman Staff

Shield MR4 HPR3 HPI7

Recommended Race

Elf (+20 mana bonus)

price: $59.99

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