Shard Bound*

Title: The Beastmaster

Boarding (passive)
    While the animal taming mastery is active the animal tamer receives additional stables slots.

    The animal tamer attempts to guide their pet on the path of skill gain, increasing the pet’s skill gains based on the tamer’s animal taming skill, animal lore skill, and mastery level. This ability functions similarly to a scroll of alacrity. Unhides the caster

Combat Training
    The animal tamer readies their pet for battle allowing the tamer to add combat abilities to their pet based on animal taming skill, animal lore skill, and mastery level (unhides the caster).

        Tier 3
             Consume Damage: When hit with physical damage the pet enters a consume phase where it begins to build up its hit chance and regeneration for 5 seconds. During this consume period any physical damage will be stored by the pet. After the consume period is over the pet enters the unleash phase for 10 seconds where it will apply the hit chance and regeneration bonuses based on stored damage.

price: $29.99

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