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1: You need to apply code in account management.

If you dont know how to do it then check Codes manual


2: You need to apply code ingame

 • Log in to Ultima Online with the character you'd like to get items on on.

 • Open your paperdoll (or character window) and click on the Help button.

 • Click Ultima Store.

 • Click the Promotional Code button.

 • Enter your Code exactly as it appeared when it was emailed to you.

Even the nicest home can feel dated and boring after a while, and houses in the Ultima Online MMO are no different. If those four walls start to look too familiar, then spruce the place up with the Ultima Online Rustic Theme Pack.


Customize the walls with Board and Batten wall tiles. Then, add some topiaries and a rustic bench, where you can sit and take in the nearby scenery. An encampment set-up provides self-contained systems for commodity and pet brokers right outside your home, while a maintenance-free garden bed grows beautiful plants inside of a week.


When friends come over to admire your new home, serve them liquor made in your own moonshine distillery. Not only can you brew your own in-game drinks, but you can give each creation a unique name and distribute them to one and all.


The Ultima Online Rustic Theme Pack turns your MMO locale into a real home away from home. Purchase the code today and make your Ultima Online home into something special.


Access to the Encampment System

Access to Rustic Themed House Customization wall tiles

Access to Carpentry recipe to craft Rustic Bench

Access to Tinkering recipe to craft Distillery

Raised Garden Bed - a maintenance free garden bed to place seeds without potions or daily care

Check for more items in Codes