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Soulstone will allow you to move skills from one character to another

Unlimited uses


Soulstone F.A.Q.

How can I use a Soulstone?

If you have a character that you want to be a pure warrior, but he has a bunch of Magery skill points, you can move those Magery skill points to another character you own.


Or, if you have a character you’d like be a blacksmith one day and a warrior the next, store your blacksmith skill points in one Soulstone and your swordsmanship skill points in another Soulstone. Change your character back and forth when you wish.


Can I give a Soulstone to a friend?

No. Soulstones are account specific. You can pass your Soulstones from one character you own to another, but you cannot give one to a friend.


Can Soulstones be used during battle?

No. You will not be able to use them in the middle of a fight.


Can I use a Soulstone to move skill points from one skill to another?

No. The skill points you store in a Soulstone cannot be transferred to another skill. For instance, you can’t turn Blacksmith skill points into Swordsmanship.


Can I accumulate more skill points in one character by combining the skill points with another character?

No. If you have 50 Swordsmanship on Character A and 40 Swordsmanship on character B, you CANNOT combine those points to get 90 in Swordsmanship on one character. If you move the points from Character A to Character B, he will end up with 50 Swordsmanship skill points, erasing the 40 skill points that were there before.


Can I have more than one Soulstone per account?


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