This item is delivered for free to any shard

With this magical staff, you can summon your corpse underfoot. The corpse must be on the same server and exist within 40 tiles from you. The Undertaker’s Staff spends one charge every time it’s used. You can select to summon your most recent corpse or all of your corpses, up to a maximum of 15. Either way, the staff will use only one charge.

The Undertaker's staff will work only if the following requirements are met:
• The corpse is your own corpse. (You can summon only your own corpse).
• The corpse exists in same sub-server.
• The corpse exists within 40 tiles of you.
• You don't have a criminal flag.
• You don't have an aggressor's flag to other players.
• The corpse has been summoned less than three times before.
• The corpse isn't empty.

If you were killed by other player in PvP facet, you must wait three minutes before summoning your corpse.*
* May change during online play

• This item cannot be imbued.
• If the staff’s charges reach zero, it is broken.
• You can summon a maximum of 15 corpses at once.
• This item doesn't have blessed property in Siege/Mugen.

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