Physical Resist 17%

Fire Resist 66%

Cold Resist 40%

Poison Resist 25%

Energy Resist 26%

Durability 125/125

Part of an Armor Set (4 Pieces)
Activate: Bard Mastery Bonus x2
(Effect: 1 min. Cooldown: 30 min.)

Bard Mastery Bonus is an item property found on the Virtuoso's set. Bards with any mastery gain a 5% bonus to their success chance when using any bard skills and a 10% bonus when using the skill of their mastery focus. When active this property doubles the bard mastery bonus to a 10% bonus when using any bard skill and a 20% bonus when using the bard mastery focus skill.

Only When Full Set Is Present: Mastery Bonus Cooldown: 15min. (total)


human or gargoyle versions available

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