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5 Armor Parts (reforged)

1 Armor Part (brittle)

Earring of Protection

Stats on Armor

Physical Resist 75

Fire Resist 70 (70 if Sampire)

Cold Resist 70

Poison Resist 68

Energy Resist 70 (75 if elf)

Luck 1000

Dexterity Bonus 4

Stamina Increase 32

Mana Increase 28

Lower Mana Cost 45%

Durability 255/255


Recommended Additional items THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED

Recommended Jewelry

Soleil Rouge

Lune Rouge

Recommended Equipment

Conjurer's Trinket - Undead Slayer

Jumu's Sacred Hide

Minax's Sandals

Crimson Cincture

Conjurer's Garb 140 Luck

Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard

Recommended Weapons

Crafted Bladed Staff - HML, HSL, HLL, HLD, Slayer

Crafted Double Axe - HML, HSL, HLL, Hit Area, Slayer

price: $67.99

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