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Magical Botanical Archway Seed

Can be redeemed for 1 of 3 different botanical archway house addons

Magical Wedding Sewing Kit

Groom set includes tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt/jacket combo, top hat, and engraveable cake topper

Bride set includes wedding gown and engraveable cake topper

Magical Cake Batter

Can be redeemed for 1 of 8 different three-tiered wedding cakes

Cakes can be decorated using a cake decoration tool

Produce a slice of cake matching the engraving and hue of the cake when used

Chocolate Fountain

Animated chocolate fountain that produces a chocolate covered strawberry when used

Furniture & Decorations – All specially wedding themed

6 cocktail tables

6 covered chairs

20 folding chairs

10 tabletop bouquets

4 standing bouquets

2 fancy candelabras

2 regular candelabras

2 short buffet table deeds

1 long buffet table deed

price: $25.99

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