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Artifact Rarity 10
Elemental Slayer

Hit Mana Leech 81%

Hit Chance Increase 30%

Damage Increase 50%

Physical Damage 20%

Fire Damage 20%

Cold Damage 20%

Poison Damage 20%

Energy Damage 20%
Weapon Damage 15-17
Weapon Speed 3.25s
Strength Requirement 40
Two-Handed Weapon
Weapon Skill: Swordsmanship
Durability 255


Have you ever seen the stats like that ? This weapon is perfect for any fight, it doesnt matter whats your enemy's defences... It will always land a blow and will heal you at the same time it is really good against most dangerous creatures in Sosaria, save lots of your UO Gold and Gametime by buying it from us!

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